13. Station details
Barrett Station was moved eight inches from its
original location (shown above) so it would fit on this
layout section. It is NOT cut into the base like all the
other buildings, but is resting on top. Thi
s way the
could be used as is, or it could be moved back
to its original position
as shown above (or to a new
location) without leaving a hole in the existing finished
The station is a resin kit by Rutland Car Shops and is
based on Rutland station design. Built by Paul J Dolkos,
signed and dated June 2000.
Check the differences between the
1. heavily-used mainline with its higher profile and newer
gravel on left
2. lesser used secondary track with its smaller rail, older
gravel and lower profile in the middle and
3. the lightly used industry set-out track on the right has
the lightest rail, lowest  profile and weeds growing in the