Quick view of the layout section:
Name: Barrett, New Hampshire on the New Hampshire Division of the
Boston & Maine RR
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: app. 4 x 7 feet
Prototype: Boston & Maine RR, Barre & Chelsea RR
Locale: northern New Hampshire, between Woodsville and Littleton, N.H.
Period: Late fall, 1950's
Height: 27 to 39 inches (legs are variable).
Benchwork: 1/2" plywood on pine reinforced from underneath with 2 x 4's
and 3/4 " birch plywood.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Section location: Cambridge, Mass.
Minimum turnout: no. 6
Minimum radius: 18-1/2"
Maximum grade: none
Track: code 83 Microengineering flex track on main, code 70 on
secondary, code 55 in yard, all handlaid switches
Scenery: plaster cloth over foam
Backdrop: painted 1/8" hardboard
Facia: unpainted 1/8" hardboard
Control: 12 v dc dual throttle transformer. Switches for turnouts mounted
on facia.
Staging: 2 track x 8 foot manually switched run-around section included for
simple operations.
Built by: Paul J. Dolkos, restored by Rob Thoms
Barrett, New Hampshire Track Plan
Barrett, N.H. from space
Barrett Dimensions
Possible Installations
As built: A 2-track x 8 foot manually switched runaround section is included for simple operations.
Junction: Run two tracks through the backdrop (as Paul did) for staging in a separate room
or use as a true junction with the ability to turn trains.
Along the wall: Continue one (or more) of the industry tracks through the backdrop for a straight-line installation.
Corner Installation: Install the section in the corner of an existing or planned layout.
Barrett, New Hampshire
on the Boston & Maine Railroad
A model railroad layout section by Paul J. Dolkos
from his legendary New Hampshire Division Layout
HO Scale