About Barrett, New Hampshire
Barrett is a real town in northern New Hampshire on a former B&M
secondary line running between Woodsville and Whitefield, New
Hampshire. The town consists of just a couple houses and barns and
the Ammonoosic River.

Paul's fictional town of Barrett is on the same B&M rail line and crosses
the same Ammonoosic River, but that's where the similarities end.
Paul's Barrett has two Granite finishing businesses and a short line
railroad with a five track yard and freight depot. Plus a covered bridge,
general store, cafe and power substation. Paul's town of Barrett is
freelanced, meaning Paul was free to choose iconic buildings and
scenes and free to use his well-trained eye to lay out this visually
pleasing town. His artistic skill is what gives the town its charm, but
ake no mistake; its Paul's strict discipline to the prototype that makes
this town so stunningly real.
Barrett, New Hampshire
on the Boston & Maine Railroad
A model railroad layout section by Paul J. Dolkos
from his legendary New Hampshire Division Layout
HO Scale